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SBC Pro New Professional Range

SBC Pro’s new professional treatment kits provide wonderful sensory experiences, harnessing naturally derived ingredients and exceptional well-being techniques, whilst ensuring tailored results.

SBC Pro launched five new professional treatment kits at Pro Beauty North 2019 and are now introducing their sixth kit – the Signature Body Treatment Kit.

Every SBC Pro treatment encompasses the 5 Phase Concept’, which considers the clients’ entire well-being, from the inside out. The new SBC signature concept has been created to go beyond the average treatment, it ensures the client will leave feeling deeply relaxed, with mind and body rejuvenated, and inner balance restored.

It’s imperative the therapist has a deep understanding of the client’s overall needs and not just their skincare issues. SBC’s techniques are designed to deliver the ultimate therapy, beginning with consultation and building an entire picture of both internal and external environments.

SBC Pro Treatment Kits

  1. Signature Facial Treatment
  2. Signature Body Treatment
  3. Manicure Treatment
  4. Pedicure Treatment
  5. Waxing Treatment Essentials
  6. Electrical Treatment Essentials

Why Trust SBC Pro for your Business?

SBC Pro is an inclusive brand that works around you. SBC products are easy to comprehend and easy to retail, making them ideal for salon owners with changing staff, or newly qualified therapists. Our training manual is designed to continually support you and your therapists, with no exhaustive training costs or time required away from the business. You can keep costs low, whilst building client satisfaction and loyalty.

SBC Pro Skincare is also suitable for freelance therapists, as there are no restrictions on your opening order like there often are with other brands. Regardless of how large or small you are, we can create a bespoke package to suit your own business needs.

  • Our unique and versatile moisturising gel formula remains at the heart of our collections, bursting with active ingredients and uplifting aromas. With each collection targeting individual skin concerns with tailored blends to deliver the best results.
  • We are honest, reliable and confident. We believe that effective, fuss-free pampering should form a part of everyone’s daily well-being ritual.
  • SBC is a unique, problem-solving skincare brand, which provides you with the solution. We cater to every skin type and have an advanced solution to all skincare issues.
  • We celebrate the fact that our colourful collections are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and are always tested on us, used by us and loved by us!
  • Our beautiful aromas nurture the senses and support emotional well-being.
  • Manufactured in-house, controlling the production for our entire range of skin, body care and well-being products from a single source. Ensuring that the quality of our products is never jeopardised, and our high standards maintained throughout the process.
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