SBC Skincare’s Signature Gel Formula

Hydrating | Versatile | Refreshing

Our unique Gels are hydrating, lightweight and quick-drying, formulated to leave skin soft and smooth. They feel cool upon application, soothing irritated areas, are easily absorbed, and hydrate the skin with absolutely no residue. They are also ionized, so they can be used with electrical beauty tools.

SBC Skincare first introduced this signature formula to the professional market in 1990 with 3 different ingredient variations… Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Collagen. Nearly 30 years later, and we still have these 3 gels along with many others, enriched with specific active ingredients, specially selected to target the concerns and needs of different skin types/concerns.

So, let’s delve in deeper – why our gel formulas are so special?

  • Hydration is the source of radiant and healthy skin…

…which is exactly what our gels are formulated to do! SBC’s gels offer skin the hydration it needs without making it feel smothered. They instantly absorb into the skin to keep it looking smooth, supple and hydrated.

The lightweight formulations help to balance the skin and provide soothing hydration. This then helps prevent both dryness and excess oil production, leaving skin healthy-looking and luminous for all skin types.

  • Fresh, bouncy, lightweight textures…

Our gel formulations are generally transparent because the formula is created as a water-based semi-solid, which allows it to spread easily over the skin. The water acts as a vehicle for the actives within the product, effectively delivering them to the skin.

They are free of the heavy ingredients that many lotions, butters and creams contain. This leaves the best of both worlds; the ‘barely there’ weight, that comes with being a gel, and the cushion of a moisturiser.

  • Multi-functional product…

SBC’s gels are formulated to be exceptionally multi-functional, resulting in 1 product which can be tailored to suit any skincare regime as a mask, serum, primer or moisturiser for the face and body. They are also ionized, so are the perfect companion to electronic beauty tools…

  • Ionized Formulas…

They are also ionized, so are the perfect companion to electronic beauty tools…

What sets SBC gels apart from other competitors are the range of different ingredients infused into each one, this allows for effective treatment of various skincare needs and gives the therapist more choice than ever before. The selection of gels provide the opportunity to deliver bespoke treatments to the client. A firm favorite is the Collagen Gel as it promotes skin plumpness and has anti-ageing benefits whilst other options such as propolis treat a problematic skin, vitamin E Gel for skin nourishment and vitamin C for skin luminosity .

Whilst we are on the topic of tools, the gels make fabulous accompaniment to facial rollers, such as Jade or Rose Quartz. Simply apply the gel liberally to the whole face and neck, then using a firm but gentle pressure roll back and forth in horizontal lines across each section of the face. Movements stimulate a sluggish lymphatic system and help to drain away toxins. We would recommend the Cucumber Gel, Collagen Gel, Vitamin C or Vitamin E for this treatment.

  • Electrical Toolkit Essentials

One of our Professional treatment Kits is the Electrical Toolkit Essentials, which comes with 7 gels that can offer amazing versatility to the therapist; not only boasting multi-use across treatment such as; facial masks, pre and post wax application, cuticle treatment and skin moisturisers to name a few – these gels have been infused with a wide range of ingredients that promise to deliver amazing results when teamed with electrical current.

You can also mix the gels together to create your very own unique blend which can be custom made for each client to ensure that their skin receives the exact outcome you want. So, take your treatment to another level with SBC and give your client an experience to remember!

  • Meet the Gels…

Hydra-Collagen – Hydrating and anti-ageing

Skin Defence White Tea & Nettle – for skin regularly exposed to pollution and requiring detoxification.

Lavender – For sensitive or reactive skin

Propolis – Soothing and restoring for problematic/sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera – Calming and refreshing for a stressed over heated skin

Vitamin E – Nourishing and smoothing for dry Skin

Arnica – Soothing and tension relieving for a puffy swollen skin